Universal World Entertainment Group and the 
Marriage Celebration Club is pleased to announce the Marriage Television Network (MTN)

The Marriage Television Network (MTN) "TM"

Our TV programming will feature: 
  • Talk shows on marriage topics (marriage, sex, fun, communication, love, money etc.) 
  • A travel destinations show & commercials exposing married couples to fun, food, wonderful romantic hotels/motels, beautiful resorts, islands to rent, prizes, cultural weddings and worldwide shopping.
  • Professional marriage counseling interactive shows
  • Game shows with married couples only and related to marriage with great prizes
  • Husband and wife healthy cooking shows featuring exciting easier to make delicious weight losing meals, with the best cooking appliances, cookware, smart pots and pans, and kitchen ideas to make cooking a joy.  
  • Medical shows featuring health issues of married couples and cures.
  • The Debbie Steele Show (talk show all about marriage, celebrity interviews, entertainment, and woman to woman marriage talk.
  • Married couples golf tournaments (some are quite funny)
  • Celebrity married couples reality and hosting shows.
  • Comedy shows/movies featuring married couples
  • Cheater's TV Show (all about catching marriage cheaters on camera and the damage they cause to their families) and the healing
  • News, Weather, and Sports Reporters will be married couples.
  • Shows with guest church Pastors, Rabbi, Priests, Ministers and many spiritual leaders from around the world on Sunday teaching what God has to say about marriage.
  • Homes for rent/sale to married couples worldwide 
  • Fun things married couples can do at home together.
  • Exciting home products for married couples in our commercials and a review of products and services available from the USA and 100 countries mailed or shipped to you directly.
  • Bridal Shows from around the world for couples getting married and/or renewing their wedding vows featuring local and worldwide designer bridal gown fashions.

  • Live coverage of the Marriage Celebration Club Expo exciting events and feature our sponsors and vendors.
  • New Fashions and Designer Show for work, church, formal wear, marriage date night and casual clothes from your favorite boutiques, department stores, and online companies.
  • A lawyers advice show for questions married couples have about their life & home. This show will be interactive with guest judges and attorneys on a panel answering the audience, emails and phone calls to the station. (no divorce questions please)
  • Military marriage reality and lifestyles shows.
  • Marriage after the age of 50 shows, plays and movies.

C. Marie & Company (a show all about being engaged up until the wedding day featuring bridal gowns, bridal show engagement parties, bachelor parties, planning honeymoons, menus for the wedding, guest celebrities, pre-marital advice and more)

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The Network Where Your Wedding, and Vow Renewal Ceremonies Are
(filmed and/or broadcasted live)
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